6 Tips for Managing Performance at Work When Pregnant

“Oh, beautiful baby. Wow! He’s so cute! She looks so much like her mother. Wow! What a bundle of joy!”

The birth of a baby is always so glorious, a new child is a reminder of the awesome power women have to give life to another.

Well, if you talk to the mother, the last 9 months or thereabouts may not have been as awesome for her. To compound this, having to maintain performance at work and justify the salary was overwhelming especially with all the pregnancy symptoms, ha!!

As young women in today’s Nigerian’s harsh economic environment, stay-at-home-mums are fast fading out of economic fashion. So the question is how do expectant mums maintain performance at work while going through the struggles of pregnancy?

Tips for managing work performance while pregnant

  • Have a track record –

A record of high performance and productivity can be helpful during bad days. If you are already known for meeting deadlines, giving 100% on the job, being punctual to meetings and meeting most obligations when you were not pregnant, you are more likely to receive understanding and empathy from others when the pregnancy rows begin and you can no longer meet these expectations.

  • Build emotional bank account and social capital –

Everyone has an emotional bank for others. If you do something nice for someone else you make a deposit, and a withdrawal when you do a bad deed. Like physical bank accounts, we all want our deposits to outweigh our withdrawals. Use the same principle when dealing with your team and co-workers. Give a helping hand when a colleague is struggling with a deadline, empathize with others or offer to help someone who is sick. You would need these emotional currencies on bad days of pregnancy to get your job done.

  • Show understanding –

Yes, you are pregnant. True, you cannot help what is happening to you at the moment, but never forget you are working with people facing their own challenges too and just hoping you do your part to make their jobs easier. Try to see things from their perspective and show some understanding also.

  • Manage your expectations –

Managing your expectations in the work place is one of the best ways to ease tension. The usual expectation is that people should be able to see your protruding bump and be accommodating. Sorry to burst your bubble, that is not always the case. When this happens learn to get over it quickly and not be resentful. When people show kindness and empathy, be appreciative, so they are more willing to help some other time.

  • Don’t be ashamed to ask for help

Let your team know that you are pregnant and would be appreciative of their help from time to time. On bad days ask for their help nicely, while also being sensitive to their needs. It is always better to ask for help rather than creating a mess.

  • Make it count-

Make the good days of your pregnancy count. Do your work as diligently as possible. People tend to know when you are taking advantage of them so be honest about how you feel so that you don’t lose your their support.

Hello mothers, how did you manage to keep up performance at work when you were pregnant?

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