Pregnancy Fashion – Heels or No Heels

Three months ago, Jumoke looked incredibly beautiful in those gorgeous stiletto.  Now, with the protruding bump, these nosy neighbours and colleagues keep telling her to stop wearing her heels.
She wished they mind their businesses and leave her along with her pregnancy. Why does she have to trade these lovely shoes for some drab flats?
Should a pregnant woman wear high shoes?
We see celebrities, models and other TV personalities – Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé and the likes pose with sky rising heels while pregnant. I guess keeping up the image no matter the circumstances is very important for these super humans. For regular people like us, why do loved ones and nosy people tell us to temporarily come down from those heels?
 Medical personnel recommend wearing balanced shoes while pregnant, especially as the pregnancy progresses for two major reasons –
  • For the stomach to expand and accommodate the growing child, the body releases hormones that looses the ligaments in the joints around the lower back and abdomen. These hormones also relax ligaments in other areas of the body – the lower legs, feet and ankles. A  pregnant woman’s stability is affected  by these hormonal activities. Extra pressure from heels becomes more discomforting and may result in pains around the lower back, knees and ankles.
  • As the pregnant woman gains weight and the bump protrudes, the center of gravity shifts, making her clumsier. At this stage, the probability of losing balance and risk of falling is higher. A fall could hurt both mother and child.
For the sake of your safety and that of your babies, wearing a balanced shoe is highly recommended especially as the bump grows bigger.  Pregnancy is a few months, it is better to be safe than risk a fall


So what are your thoughts, will you continue wearing your heels when pregnant?

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