11 Ways to Prepare for the Arrival of your Newborn

11 Ways to Prepare for the Arrival of your Newborn

Nine months can seem like a long time for a pregnant woman but it will surely end. The nine months can end in chaos if adequate preparations are not made for the baby’s arrival.

First-time parents, without guidance, find the early months exhausting. While trying to unravel the adventure of parenthood, everything else keeps popping up.

To ease the first few months of nursing the baby, here is a checklist for expecting parents:


  1. Shop for your baby

Shopping for the baby is the most obvious preparation. Get a shopping list from the hospital, an experienced mum or online. Endeavor to stock consumables like diapers, wipes, washing soap, baby food that would last at least a month. This will save unexpected trips to the store especially if you don’t have help for such activities. Though, remember to get testers of different brands if you’re able, or buy two brands of sensitive products like diapers because your baby might prefer one to the other, or might develop an irritation or allergy to some products.

  1. Shop for yourself

The focus is usually on the baby’s welfare but the mother will have needs also. Your body structure will change after months of a protruding tummy, so you may need new clothes due to your size change. You will also need items like nursing bra and toiletries.

  1. Get organized

Organizing the home before the baby’s arrival can reduce undue pressure. Buy or fix home appliances and that will ease the period after the baby’s arrival. Check the condition of your microwave, washing machine, generator, plumbing, electrical issues, air conditions. Aim at reducing the other activities that can make you stressed.


  1. Prepare your baby room

If you want a separate room for your baby, choose a room close to yours so you can track your baby’s activities from yours. Do remodeling, especially painting long before the baby has to sleep in the room. Ensure the air is completely free of the chemicals used.

  1. Think about traffic safety

Think about child safety if you want to drive with your baby in the car. Buy a car seat for your baby and learn how to install and use it.

  1. Get help

Decide on the type of help or babysitter you want before you need it. This can be a family member, friend or domestic staff. Know the competence of unfamiliar domestic staff before trusting them with your baby. Early recruitment of new domestic staff will provide enough time for due diligence. Waiting until the baby is born could create a firefighting situation.

  1. Prepare older siblings

The newborn will compete for affection with the older siblings. You can prevent sibling rivalry by preparing older children to accept the changes and welcome the new addition to the family.

  1. Make mum friends

For inexperienced mums, access to more experienced mums can be a lifesaver. When your baby acts in ways that you are unfamiliar with, you can reach out to these mums. Rather than worry unnecessarily or act in ignorance, learn from the experiences of other mums. Joining an online group for mums can also be helpful for getting fast responses to worries.

  1. Decide on a children’s hospital

Identify a competent child care hospital with an experienced pediatrician. The proximity of the hospital to the home can ease emergency situations.

  1. Settle work

Plan to tidy up your desk and hand over to a colleague. A tidy handover will reduce work-related calls during your maternity vacation. Seamless flow of work in your absence will also ease your return after the vacation.

  1. Set the stage for the naming ceremony

Some cultures in Nigeria, particularly that of the Yoruba and residents of Lagos, celebrate a naming ceremony seven days after birth. Preparing ahead for the naming ceremony can make the day go smoothly. Make appointments with your caterer, photographer, decorator, designer, etc.


Have did you prepare for the arrival of your newborn?

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