Managing Pregnancy Symptoms – Farting

I read a post of a man complaining bitterly of his pregnant wife’s uncontrollable farting avalanche. The man was furious and seemed to be at his wit’s end. He couldn’t comprehend his wife’s inability to stop this ‘despicable’ act. He confessed that his love for his wife was beginning to dwindle.

I sincerely hope their relationship improved after the baby’s birth.

I guess no one told this man that farting is one embarrassing symptom pregnant women have to deal with among other more nerve cracking issues.

Although farting can be embarrassing, there is little a pregnant woman can do once the surge of gas is on the way. Support and understanding are what pregnant women can hope for during this phase.

Flatulence – the release of gas – is due to slow digestion of food during pregnancy. A hormone called progesterone which is released during pregnancy slows down digestion in the gastrointestinal tract. Also, as the uterus enlarges it shifts the intestine and crowds the abdomen, further slowing digestion.

Although it is difficult to control or prevent farts, it can be managed. Here are some tips to manage the gas outflow:

What you eat:

  • Eat several small meals rather than a large chunk at once.
  • Eat slowly and chew thoroughly.
  • Avoid chewing gum – this creates air bubbles in the stomach.
  • Watch out for foods that cause gas such as apples, beans & other legumes, cabbage, milk, cauliflower, onions, fatty and fried food. Take a note of foods that make you gassy and avoid such foods especially if you are going to be outside your home.

What you drink

  • Choose to drink between meals instead of during meals
  • Avoid gulping water.
  • Avoid fizzy/carbonated drinks.
  • Avoid artificially sweetened products and drinks (like some diet drinks).

Your body movements

  • Put up your legs to relieve pressure from your abdomen and aid digestion
  • Sit upright while you’re eating or drinking
  • Exercise – brisk walk down your street or around your house for some minutes after meals

What you wear

  • Avoid wearing tight clothing or belts, choose comfortable and loose clothing



Have you had some unexpected or embarrassing farting incident? Share with us – just for laughs.

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