How to Manage Your Baby’s Eating off the Floor

Oh, that feeling when you finally see your baby creeping or walking about. Fascinating! Right? Except now you actually have to be a helicopter parent.
As kids, my dad scowled when we left little objects around the house or the floor was dirty because of our creeping baby sister. Cleaning wasn’t exciting, especially because it interrupted my creative projects around the house; I don’t know if my parents will call it the same, but I choose to remember it this way, wink. I usually shot my father some silent bullets from my eyes for distracting me.
Now I understand my father’s concerns. The automatic robotic movement with which babies pick objects from the floor and put them into their mouths is puzzling. Overwhelming for the parents who have to constantly stop the child from the impending danger.
You are relieved, you caught that one. How about the many others you did not catch…”
Infants and children learn about their world by touching things and putting them into their mouths including food and non-food items like – dirt, toys, sand, hair.
Eventually, kids outgrow this as they realize these items taste unpleasant anyways. But, if your child has gone on with this habit and it’s now a concern, you should consult your healthcare provider. It could be a sign of PICA, signifying low Iron level in the child’s body.
Interestingly, some professionals believe that eating off the floor builds a child’s immune system, although other professionals disagree
Whatever the school of thought, the floor and lots of items kids put into their mouths have germs. As a parent, it is difficult to be unconcerned and watch your children put unsavory items into their mouths.
So what can you do
Yes, it is difficult to stop your baby from eating off the floor, unless you have eyes at the back of your head, but you can reduce the danger.

Tips to help you manage your kids eating from the floor:

  • Clean your floor regularly with some substances like bleach, to kill germs
  • If you have pets in the house, you need to clean more often
  • Take off outdoor shoes before coming into the house to reduce germs brought into the house
  • Wash your child’s hands frequently and at meal time
  • Clean your kids’ toys often
  • Take wet and soggy food out of their reach – including food that the baby has sucked on or partially eaten. Bacterial bloom in wet food.
  • Remove objects that have lead-based paint on them from their way, lead is poisonous. When renovating or repainting your home ensure lead-based paint dust or flakes are washed off
  • Remove small size objects (coins, bottle lids, buttons, broken piece of toys) from their way so they don’t swallow them
  • Teach your kids to stop eating off the floor by talking to them firmly but without yelling. Use simple instructions like –No, don’t put that in your mouth, no, that’s dirty, No that’s nasty. They will eventually get the massage, but not overnight
  • Request help from your older kids
  • Take special care when you are outside your home and cannot tell how clean or dirty the environment is.
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