7 Tips to Manage Relationship With Spouse During Pregnancy

7 Tips to Manage Relationship With Spouse During Pregnancy

It isn’t only the woman’s body that gets transformed during pregnancy. Very often, the relationship between the couple also transforms.

Sadly, some couples grow apart due to poor management of pregnancy pressures. Conflicts and misunderstandings spring from raging hormones, unmet expectations, demands or abandonment.

Unfortunately, men who are unable to properly manage the pressure seek solace elsewhere. Some go as far as an extramarital indiscretion. While some may choose to hang out more often with friends, self-imposed extra work hours and so on. All to create reasons or excuses for absence.  These actions only further dampen and damage the relationship.

It is typical for pregnant women to demand lots of attention, yet it is pivotal to keep the spirit of the relationship alive. Even so, expecting fathers must appreciate the uniqueness of the period and choose to be available for the women.

In fact, expecting couples should aim to build stronger relationships before babies arrive. A loving home and loving partners are solid pillars for raising a child.

The following tips will help you foster healthy relationships with your spouses during pregnancy:

  1. Communicate with him and put him in the picture

Only a few men comprehend the dynamics of pregnancy. But you (pregnant mother) can help your spouse by telling him how you feel. Then, he can better care for you and meet your expectations.

Some men feel abandoned as the baby dominates the relationship. Avoid this by bringing him into the picture and plan for the baby together. Similarly, read about and plan to parent together. Talk about the things the father can do with the child. Let him know and feel he is an integral part of the process.

  1. Create time for just both of you

If unchecked, the unborn baby could suck up the air in the relationship. Every discussion becomes about the baby. Propose to protect your relationship by earmarking time for you two. Talk to your spouse like before, do things together as much as your pregnancy will allow as before. Don’t push him out psychologically or emotionally because a baby is on the way.

  1. Blame it Less on the Hormones

Pregnancy is closely linked with hormonal somersault. “The hormones made me do it”. Granted, it is almost impossible to control the hormonal flood, but do when you can. Try not to push your partner to the edge with demands, complains and bickering.

For instance, you may have developed a craving for a particular food or snack, make it available at home. This would cut off your partner’s inconveniencing trips to the store. Likewise, if something upsets or irritates you, communicate it and avoid such things. It is better to address issues beforehand rather than throw tantrums or be in a sour mood.

  1. Achieving Balance is key

What other opportunity do women have to get served as queens, but during pregnancy? In cultures where the image of an ideal woman is her ability to serve her husband and home, some women use this period for payback. These women take advantage of their spouses by sending them on unnecessary errands. Some refuse to do any chores, blaming the pregnancy for everything to get back at their men.

However you choose to enjoy this phase, don’t give room for resentment and anger. Undue pressure on your partner could frustrate him, particularly if he senses your ingenuity.

  1. Comparison is a killer

You may be friends with one whose husband won’t allow her as much as walk on her own feet when pregnant. You may have hoped your spouse would do same; pamper you beyond your wildest imagination. Such comparison and expectation breeds contempt.

Reality checks, you know your man and what works for him. Unnecessary comparison leads to unmet expectations, ultimately straining your relationship. Realize every individual is different.

  1. Financing Fantasies, is it necessary?

Every woman wants the best for the baby, but literally, all fingers are not equal. You may desire same baby crib as Kim Kardashian or same baby stroller as Victoria Beckham. No doubt, your baby deserves the best. Even so, be true to you and your spouse’s financial capacities. The undue financial request would stress your man. He may feel he is an incapable father or see you as an inconsiderate and unappreciative person.

Whereas, find out what’s relevant for your baby and spend according to your capacity.  Remember, as the child grows so will the expenses. You don’t have to spend all your money in the early years of the baby.

  1. Keep intimacy candle burning

Some men would rather have sex than eat food. On the contrary, some pregnant women find sex exhausting and maybe even annoying. Although, sex may be inconveniencing for you, find ways to make it work.

Despite pregnancy pressures, couples should aim at and work towards keeping the relationship alive and the love flames burning.

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